07/31/2020 - hideout - ALARM 26 and Route 66

AO: The Hideout

When: 07/31/2020

QIC: Shrinky Dink


Number of Pax: 15

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Inspector Gadget, Stitch, Dory, Kodak, Blessing, Certified, Twinkle Toes, Belle, Slainte, Salud, Journey, Charity, Professor, Domino


Another humid morning at the hideout but that didn’t stop 14 amazing PAX from joining me for a beatdown. Today’s edition was an ALARM with 26 reps of each exercise and then a Route 66 to check off perhaps that final bingo box for the month. We warmed up with some arm circles, TTT IC, and windmills IC.

The Thang – so an ALARM is a routine that for each round there is an exercise for Arms, Legs, Abs, a Run of some sort, and then an exercise that starts with the letter M. In honor of my anniversary on 8-1-98, the rep count was 26 (what you get when you add those number 8+1+9+8). When sets made sense, we counted sets.

Round 1 – tricep kickbacks, jump squats, BGSUs, Run (at the hideout the usual loop is around the island where we park the cars), and then monkey humpers

Round 2 – Around the worlds, narwhals (sets), box cutters, Run, and Merkins

Round 3 – Overhead press, reverse lunges (sets), reverse crunches, RUn, Moroccan Night Clubs


These ladies slayed all 3 rounds so we were on to Route 66 by 5:55 ish. This routine has you making 11 stops (usually light posts, but the hideout does not have many so I put out some cones in addition to counting the light posts) where you increase the rep count by 1 at each stop. The exercise was imperial squat walker sets. By the time we finished we had completed 66 sets of imperial squat walkers. We still had a few minutes to do PAX choice of an exercise. We took turns calling out an exercise and completed 15 reps of each. These included russian twists, hallelujahs, sumo squats, donkey kicks, etc.

We were all dripping with sweat and still smiling! Thanks for joining me ladies!


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