10/25/2021 - arena - All Body, No Weight

AO: The Arena

When: 10/25/2021

QIC: Pilgrim


Number of Pax: 13

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Book (2.0), Calico (2.0), Captain (FNG 2.0), Cinco, Extra (2.0), Hairspray, Headlock (2.0), Paperback, Pilgrim, Rook (2.0), Seinfeld, Step Up, Thread


Gremlins got a hold of my board, so it was not the easiest thing to refer to today! Guess it is that time of year! The ladies and gals that arrived had to trust that I was calling out the exercises that were actually listed “) – I did my best!!

We started with a quick warm up of Michael Phelps, toy soldiers and through the tunnels. Hairspray “cheered” us on for the first couple, she also scared a few of us with her cheer. I think the gremlin in her yelled out! “)

Moving on to the Thang:

Three round tabata – 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest. We completed all three rounds twice.

Round 1: Burpees, tricep single arm raise (right side), bourbons, angry donkey  kicks, tricep single arm raise (left side), crunches, high knees and merkins

Round 2: jack knife right side, inchworms, glute bridges, jack knife left side, mountain climbers, dive bombers, hip dips, curtsy lunges

Round 3: Carolina dry docks, plank combos (push up, shoulder taps, mountain climbers), shoulders taps, prisoner squats, side plank hold (right side), jump squats, calf raises, side plank hold (left side)

We had about three minutes left so we did a group stretching routine. Arms, shoulders, triceps, legs. We ended with a COT, prayer, names and naming our FGN – welcome Captain – and a picture.


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