09/30/2020 - lair - AMRAP ALARMs

AO: The Lair

When: 09/30/2020

QIC: Chocolate Chip


Number of Pax: 7

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Rise Up, Semper Fi, Straight Shooter, Hallmark, Choo Choo, Greyhound


6 lovely ladies joined me for a hump day beatdown at The Lair this morning! It was super chilly to start – I love fall but am NOT looking forward to the cold that comes next 🙁.

We took a lap around both lots to warm up and then got started on the thang!

The Thang:


Today is 9/30 so we did each set for 9 minutes, 30 reps of each exercise. After 9 minutes we moved on to the the next set.

1. AMRAP 9 minutes, 30 reps each exercise

A – curl press

L – squat with leg lift (total)

A – bicycles (each)

R – run

M – merkins

2. AMRAP 9 minutes, 30 reps each exercise

A – Cross body tricep (lay on back, hold weight in air with right hand, lean arm across body at 45ish degrees (not straight in the air), lower weight down by bending only the elbow, raise back up. Rinse and repeat for 15 reps each arm.

L – jumping lunges (each)

A – V-ups

R – run

M – makhtar N’Diayes (up/down plank) – 15 each side

3. AMRAP 9 minutes, 30 reps each exercise

A- overhead tricep extension

L – squat jumps

A – boat/canoe

R – run

M – manmakers (we only did 15 because this is a monster move)

We did not have time to start the last set but here it is

4. AMRAP 9 minutes, 30 reps each exercise

A – tricep kickbacks

L – curtsy lunges (each)

A – bourbons (each)

R – run

M – mountain climbers (each)

I was out of town last week so I did not make it to The Lair. I clearly did not read the back blast –  otherwise I would have known that they did ALARMs 🤷. Sorry for those that got a double dose 😃.

We circled up for a prayer and COT and headed out to start our day!

Thank you for getting up at a crazy hour to workout with me! I love you all!



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