05/27/2022 - pack - ARMS & ABS

AO: The Pack

When: 05/27/2022

QIC: Walker


Number of Pax: 4

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Straight Shooter, Caliente, Semper Fi and myself (Walker)


I’m absolutely LOVING that LIFT is here and going strong! Finally, we had a day without rain this morning and I had 3 stunning ladies join me for a Tabata workout. We did a warm up on the fly, stretched our shoulders, hamstrings and triceps and finished with toy soldiers before our timer started.


The Thang:

*Only request was to start with heavy weights and downgrade as needed.
45 seconds on / 15 seconds off
2x through

Strong Shoulders

  1. Upright row DB
  2. Bent arm lateral raise
  3. Overhead shoulder press
  4. Forearm plank DB slide
  5. Carolina something 😉 aka Shoulder push-ups

-1 minute rest-

Bicep Burnout

  1. Side bicep curl
  2. Bottom 1/2 bicep curl
  3. Top 1/2 bicep curl
  4. Alternating bicep curl
  5. Hammer curls

-1 minute rest-


  1. Tricep kickbacks
  2. Tricep overhead extensions

-1 minutes rest-

Abs & Obliques

  1. Side plank dips (L) (R)
  2. Side plank reach under (L) (R)
  3. Hip dips plank
  4. Leg lifts
  5. Toe touches w/weights

That about did us in, so we were happy to see the clock turn 6:15 as we finished our second round!

We circled up for CoT and prayed for Straight Shooters’ Dad to recover quickly and come home, for Valkrie as she goes through her scan today to feel peace and for her to be fully healed, for the last day of school to go smoothly for both the Teachers and the Students and for their safety while they do so, appreciation for the sacrifices of our men/women who are serving our country and providing our freedoms, the unspoken and spoken requests that I may have forgotten and to have great weekends ahead.

It was a great workout and I enjoyed yalls company! See yall next week! Happy Friday!


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