10/19/2020 - thicket - Beat the clock

AO: The Thicket

When: 10/19/2020

QIC: Yellow Tulip


Number of Pax: 9

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

rockstar, homeland, melody, served, previ, belle, journey,tinydancer


We started with some warm ups on this crisp, fall morning.

Jumping jacks in cadence

Arm stretching

Let stretches


We then go into the “thang”

The goal was to complete each round within 10 minutes:


Round 1

100 squats

100 leg lifts

100 overhead presses

Run a lap

Round 2

100 calf raises

100 verticle toe touches

100 push ups

Run a lap

Round 3

100 Lunges

100 Butterflies *like a sit up but touch elbow to knee, then hand to foot to work abs

100 bicep curls

Round 4

100 Monkey Humpers

100 Courtsey Lunges

100 Triceps kick-backs


We ended with COT.

It was a great workout with lots of laughs and chatter




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