05/07/2022 - foxtrot - Beatdown Routine Sampler Plate

AO: Foxtrot

When: 05/07/2022

QIC: Semper Fi


Number of Pax: 18

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Bridesmaid, Foster, Whole Coconut, Partly Cloudy, Pilgrim, Dr Doolittle, Straight Shooter, Megaphone, Chai, Rise Up, Spartan, Beakers, Chocolate Chip, Hairspray, Belles, Von Trapp, Squid (FiA Lake Norman)


With Q school being the theme of the morning, I decided to highlight a few of our popular beatdown routines! We split the morning between an Amrap, Tabata, and Dora….ending with our infamous Sally Song Challenge. We welcomed our FiA from another mother, who came with Dr Dolittle and then quickly got started with our warm up…we had a lot to do!
After our warm up we started with our ARAP. Which wasted no time in getting us nice and warm.
The Thang ~
AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible)
3 rounds of 3 exercises + a run done repeatedly until the timer is up. We did 10 reps/sets of each exercise for 8 min each round.
  1.  LBCs / Flutterkicks / Glute bridges / run a lap
  2. Overhead press / Tricep ext / Step ups / run a lap
  3. Mountain climbers / Supermans / Lateral arm raises / run a lap
Next on to our Tabata…..
Tabata. 45 sec on, 15 rest
  1.  Russian twists
  2. Skaters
  3. Hammer curls
  4. BGSUs
  5. Bicycles
  6. Leg raises
  7. Fire hydrants (R)
  8. Chest press
  9. Fire hydrants (L)
  10. Skull crushers
Moving on to our Dora….
Dora (Partner up! One partner runs while other starts reps. Runner returns and they swap, and continues where partner left off.)
  1. 100 Merkins
  2. 100 Squats
  3. 100 Bicep curls
  4. 100 Lunges
And ending finally with…..
Is it just me or does that song seem longer and longer each time we do it?
We finished up just as the light rain started in. We quickly did COT and got coffeeteria started. We enjoyed some fellowship with some of the ladies that needed to head off and start their day. The rest of us that stayed gathered up for Q School.  Thanks for those that stayed after. I also appreciate all the veteran Q’s that stayed to offer advice and input as well. It wasn’t necessary for you to stay so I thank you. If there is anyone who is nervous about Qing or just unsure over all, let me know. I would love to co-Q with you.
Thank you ladies for all you do!


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