06/26/2021 - grove - Big Bang, Climate Change, and Bombs

AO: The Grove

When: 06/26/2021

QIC: Partly Cloudy


Number of Pax: 10

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Straight Shooter, Shrinky Dink, Ace, Spartan, Killa, Birdie, Rider, Namaste, Dr. Doolittle


Straight Shooter came to the Grove today!  What a wonderful surprise!  It was breezy and sunny and perfect weather for a Saturday morning.  10 PAX joined me despite my strange Backblast.  We warmed up with some stretching, explanation, and a slow lap around the Grove.  We lined up single file for our slow run.  The first person in line peeled off, did 5 jumping Jacks, then went to the back of the line and yelled “Six!”.  Then the next person in the front did the same.  And we continued this all the way around the circle.

The Thang:

First up was the Big Bang.  We put our mats in a circle and held plank.  The Q calls out a number and an exercise.  Pax get up, run the called number of paces, then do the called number of reps and exercise.  Then they run back to the mats and hold plank until everyone returns and the Q calls out the next number and exercise.  The number should increase representing the ever expanding universe.  Obstacles are encouraged.  Some Pax ran over the curb and into the grass.  Others stuck to the streets.  Just run out and back in.  (Big Bang was borrowed from F3 exercon.)
Here’s what we did:

5 Carolina Dry Docks

10 Rocket Squats

15 Lunge Pulses (each side)

20 Around the Worlds

25 Raggedy Anns

30 Monkey Humpers

Next up was Climate Change, also borrowed from F3.  Every description and Backblast I could find said it was holding chair with a time bomb.  But, no where did it say what a time bomb is….so, I used some interpretive guessing here and made up my own.  PAX circled up like a Ring of Fire.  Everyone held plank and we passed around an exercise.  The key, is that I set a random timer (time bomb).  We held chair and passed around the same exercise until the timer went off.  Once it goes off, everyone does a burpee.  But, whoever was doing the reps at the moment the timer went off, had to do 2 burpees.  The timers ranged from half a minute to over 2 minutes.  We did this 6 times.  It was a LOT of chair!  The climate sure did change – those legs were BURNING!!!

Here is what we did with our heaviest weights:

3 Overhead Presses

3 Front Raises

5 Tricep Kickbacks

5 Rows

8 Wide Hammer Curls

8 Side Raises

Since our legs were shaking, half way through I paused the timer and we ran a little lap to shake things out a bit.  Then we went right back to it.

Next up was our Bombs:

Bear Squats


Mt. Climbers

Boat Canoes

Single Leg Dead Lifts

We started with 5 reps and ran a lap.  Then 10, then 15, then 20.

We wrapped things up with a good laugh and good Ab burn – Baby Shark.
After ALL of that, we still had 5 minutes left to stretch everything out.  It was totally different, new ideas, but the PAX say they liked it!  Maybe Big Bang and climate change are here to stay!

We wrapped up with our COT and prayers.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!


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