12/07/2021 - den - Birthday tabatas are my favorite!

AO: The Den

When: 12/07/2021

QIC: Semper Fi


Number of Pax: 10

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Choo Choo, Green Acres, Dr Doolittle, Smooth Operator, Aquamarine, Rise Up, Spartan, Shrinky Dink, Partly Cloudy, Semper Fi


It was a cold 32 degrees this morning, but that didn’t stop 10 Pax from coming out to celebrate Smooth Operator!

We did some quick stretches and toy soldiers IC to get things moving.  After that I had 2 quick warm up actives to get us warm before the beatdown.

Would you rather – in honor of SO’s retirement, we did would you rather, the workplace edition.  The twist was that after I asked the question, the Pax had to make their choice based off what they think SO would choose.  Then SO made her choice and if you made the wrong one, you did a burpee!

The questions:  Would Smooth Operator rather –

  1. Eat the oldest thing in the office fridge or clean all the bathrooms
  2. Have an endless supply of coffee or an endless supply of snacks (she tried to answer with both options!)
  3. Work in Los Angelos or New York City (I think all us except Rise Up got this wrong)
  4. Commute 2 hours to her dream job or 2 minutes to an ok job (I think we all knew she’s not driving 2 hrs for a job, lol)

After we played that game we did another quick warm up of Catch me if you can.  Check this one off your bingo sheet!  All Pax partnered up and the 1st partner did 10 jumping jacks and the other partner started running backwards.  After the exercises were done, they ran up to catch the other partner.  Then swap.  We did this to the island on the other side of the parking lot and back.

Now we’re nice and warm and on to the Thang~

We did a tabata, I tried to set it to 58 sec for SO’s birthday but my timer would either do 55 sec or 1 min. So 1 min it was.  1 min exercise with 15 rest.

S – Skaters

M – Merkins

O – Oblique crunches

O – OHP to bicep curls

T – Tricep extensions

H – High knees

Run a lap

O – Outlaws

P – Pilates 100

E – Elbow plank

R – Russian twists

A – American pie situps

T – Toe taps

O – One leg deadlift

R – Reverse lunges

Run a lap

We ran through her name once running a lap after each word.  We had just enough time to run through one more time, but I shortened the time to 40 sec, 10 rest.  We were almost able to complete the entire name and had to stop at 6:15 with only the R left to do.

We circled up and said a prayer for PCs mom, and all the other things….safe travels, mental health and the overall wellness of our FiA sisters, families and friends.  We lifted up in praise SO and all that she brings to FiA and to our lives.

Those could stay for a bit enjoyed coffeteria with the birthday girl and then we all jumped in our cars to head off and start our days!

Thank you for starting your day with me ladies!



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