11/26/2021 - hideout - Black Friday Beers

AO: The Hideout

When: 11/26/2021

QIC: Inspector Gadget


Number of Pax: 3

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Prada, Switchback & IG


Being it was Friday after Thanksgiving I wasn’t sure if anyone was going to show for the beatdown so Prada & I had a back up plan to just run/walk if no one showed. I was pleasantly surprised when Switchback showed up for her first ever 5:30a beatdown. I had a Tabata planned where we spelled out “Black Friday Beers” & did each exercise for 30 seconds with a 12 second rest. We ran a lap after we spelled each word.

I was still dealing with vertigo symptoms so I had to modify a little & we only got to run through all the exercises once but we finished up the beatdown time by running/walking a half mile with Prada. After the beatdown we all went to Reformation Brewery to meet up with some of the F3 guys and actually enjoy some Black Friday Beers & coffee. Lots of coffee.

Exercises were as follows:

B- Bicep Curls

L- Lunge walk

A- Around the Worlds

C- Curtsy Lunges

K- Kangaroos

F- Front raises

R- Reverse lunge with a front kick (right)

I- Imperial Walkers

D- Dollies

A- Ankle Biters

Y- Y raises

B- Big Girl Sit Ups

E- E2Ks

E- Eagle Wings

R- Reverse lunge with a back kick (left)

S- Sumo Squats


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