10/21/2021 - foxtrot - Blackjack X 4

AO: Foxtrot

When: 10/21/2021

QIC: Shrinky Dink


Number of Pax: 8

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Choo Choo, Spartan, Aquamarine, Dr. Dolittle, Smooth Operator, Semper Fi, Partly Cloudy


Given the date, I decided a round of blackjack was in order. This is similar to Elevens but the count is 21 instead. Also, I wanted to change it up with a variety of exercises rather than just the usual 2 during an Elevens routine. So first we warmed up with some arm circles and stretching, then some jog in place and high knees while I explained the beatdown. Knowing this would take a while, I opted to keep the warm up simple.

The Thang – I chose 4 types of squats and 4 types of Abs that Pax could choose from each time they moved from the first station to the next station. I set cones up about 2/3 of the way up the lane and we set mats up in the usual spot. At the mats, Pax did the Abs exercises, starting at 1, and at the cones, Pax did the squats adding 20 reps there to equal 21. With each round the abs count increased while the squats count decreased, always adding to 21.

The choices for Abs included: leg lifts, pretzel crunches, russian twists, and BGSUs. The choices for squats included: Sumo, Narrow, Normal, and Goblet. Pax were encouraged to change up the exercises.

We finished with about 8 minutes left so we did a Circle of Arms where we went around the circle and Pax chose an Arms exercise and we all did 21 reps of each. The choices included bicep curl to overhead press, hallelujahs, tricep extensions, scarecrows, some strange but effective version of goal posts that Dr. Dolittle came up with, and something else I can’t recall (sorry Aquamarine). It was time to stop at that point, so we did COT and NOR, took a picture, and off we went. Always so grateful to have your company ladies!


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