09/23/2020 - mill - Breaking The Routine

AO: The Mill

When: 09/23/2020

QIC: Domino


Number of Pax: 6

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Confection, Happy Trees, Falls, Belle, Dory, Domino


For what started out as a chilly morning, it definitely did not end that way!  6 PAX were at The Mill this morning ready to work out…and ready to break the routine.  We all get in ruts…sometimes we feel like the routine will break us…but today, we turned the tables by doing as many FiA routines as we could fit in an hour and CRUSHING them.

We started out with some warmups of arm circles forward and back, Michael Phelps, and jumping jacks.  And then we went right to The Thang.


  • Achin’ Legs Routine – 20 Squats, 20 Step Ups (sets), 20 Reverse Lunges (sets), 20 Jump Lunges (sets)
    • RUN
  • Arm-ageddon Routine – (Without dropping arms) 25 Arm Circles Forward, 25 Arm Circles Backward, 25 Touchdowns, 25 Press Together, 25 Overhead Press
    • RUN
  • Captain Thor Routine – Situps and Russian Twists in a 1:4 ratio, up to 10 Situps and 40 Russian Twists
    • RUN
  • Lt Dan – Squats and Walking Lunges in a 1:4 ratio, up to 10 Squats and 40 Walking Lunges
    • RUN
  • Unlucky 13 – (Ok, this was supposed to be Super 21s, but we were running out of time.  lol)  Push Ups and Sit Ups in a 1:1 ratio, up to 13 Push Ups and 13 Sit Ups
    • RUN
  • Redneck Stormtrooper – Hillbillies and Imperial Walkers in a 2:4 ratio, up to 10 Hillbillies and 20 Imperial Walkers
    • RUN

As per everyone’s request, I have tallied up exactly what you did this morning:

  • 75 Squats
  • 20 Step Ups
  • 40 Reverse Lunges (Total)
  • 40 Jump Lunges (Total)
  • 50 Arm Circles
  • 25 Touchdowns
  • 25 Press Togethers
  • 25 Overhead Press
  • 146 Sit Ups
  • 220 Russian Twists (Total)
  • 220 Walking Lunges (Total)
  • 91 Push Ups
  • 30 Hillbillies (Total)
  • 60 Imperial Walkers (Total)

After none of us could feel any of our body parts any longer, we circled up for COT and Name-O-Rama…and had a couple people forget their name… 😀

Great job today ladies!  You CRUSHED the routine and you made my day brighter, as you always do!  <3


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