10/09/2020 - hideout - Burnout to the 90s

AO: The Hideout

When: 10/09/2020

QIC: Chef


Number of Pax: 14

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Domino, Inspector Gadget, Zzzs, True Crime, Blessing, Happy Trees, Professor, Journey, Charity, Chef, Pilgrim, Neutral, Smokey, Stitch


I was still sore from Domino’s Tuesday Torture, but I pressed on and planned a burnout workout. I’ve heard it said before that it’s good to push your muscles to the point of burnout every once in awhile. So that was the goal!

For each song, we had two exercises. The goal was to do 50 reps of each one and keep going until the end of the song. I shortened some to 30 reps. It was kind of like an AMRAP until the song was over. I three in sets of 5 burpees every once in awhile to get to 31 Burpees for the bingo box. We ran a lap after every couple of songs.

I love working out with y’all!

Lovefool – warm up
run in place
jumping jacks
Slow squat
Arm circles

6 burpees

Weighted Bicep Curls
Overhead Triceps

Run 1 lap

Baby one more time
Squats kick
Big girl sit ups

5 burpees

Genie in a Bottle
Reg calf raises
Toes out
Toes in
Slow calf raises

Run 1 lap

Mambo #5
Weighted punches forward (30 times)
Arms right angle chest squeeze (30 times)

5 burpees

Mr. Jones
Reverse crunches
Russian twists sets

Run 1 lap

Closing time
Push ups (30 times)
Heismans (30 times)

5 burpees

I want it that way
Donkey kicks (30 times)
Squat and side raise legs (30 times)

Run 1 lap


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