07/23/2020 - rock - Cadence, Cadence Everywhere

AO: The Rock

When: 07/23/2020

QIC: Owlette


Number of Pax: 5

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Laffy Taffy, Serenity, Namaste, FNG Rosétta, Owlette


4 PAX joined me last night at The Rock for some cadence fun.  We were thankful for the slight breeze tonight as it was HAWT outside.  We missed those that were out on vacation this week too. 6pm hit and we were ready to get started.

The Thang: Cadence, Cadence Everywhere

All exercises were in cadence up to 10 reps. 1,2,3,1 then 1,2,3,2.  After every round we ran for extra cardio.  After 2 rounds we did a fireball and finished with another 2 rounds.



Bear Squats

Toe Touches

Alternating Shoulder Taps

Heel Taps

Glute Bridges

Overhead Press


~ ~ R U N ~ ~

Fireball: This was done to Pitbull’s Fireball – We did butt kicks to most of the song until Fireball was sections came on and we did Bicep Curls.

Once we were done with our beatdown, we circled up and named our FNG Namaste brought.  Welcome Rosétta to FiA!!


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