03/24/2022 - valley - Card Game

AO: The Valley

When: 03/24/2022

QIC: Seinfeld


Number of Pax: 3

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Seinfeld, Sugar Momma, Dumplin’


Woo hoo, our friend Dumplin’ joined us at The Valley for the first time today! And the sun came out and warmed us up! It ended up being a beautiful morning for figuring out just how much pain Neutral really put us in yesterday 😝


THE THANG: Half Silly Sprints, half card game. I parked my car a dozen or so parking spots away from our mats. You had to run to the car, draw a card, run back and do what corresponded to that card on the board. We had a face up discard pile so you could choose to either do what the last person drew, or try your luck at the unknown next card. And halfway through we moved to another round just to change up the exercises.

This worked out to be a lot of sprinting, a lot of good cardio and keeping our heart rates up. That hood kind of hurt.


We finished with some stretching, names and prayers. Thanks for joining me ladies!


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