03/28/2022 - mill - Cardio Strength

AO: The Mill

When: 03/28/2022

QIC: Falls


Number of Pax: 3

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Falls, Beakers, Esther


Warm up: good mornings, Michael Phelps, easy small lap around lot

Partner sprint series #1
P1: Run a lap
P2: Weighted wall sit with a calf raise

Partner sprint series #2
P1: Run a lap
P2: Slow alternating bicycle crunch

Partner sprint series #3

P1: Run a lap
P2: Shoulder tap plank

Strength cardio round #1
5 exercises, 1 Min each – 30 sec cardio burst between
1. bridge with chest press
2. Dead lift with row
3. Curtsy with curl
4. Dumbbell/kettle bell swing
5. Overhead squat press for speed
Cardio burst after each: fast mtn climber

Round #2: Rinse and repeat with cardio changing to high knees

Ran out of time, but Round #3 was to be skaters.

We didn’t have enough PAX for the Wall ball abs we were going to do between the sprint rounds and strength rounds – idea is to be in a Russian twist type seating with space between you for all those PAX who finish the Sprints first. Pass the medicine ball down the line with the last PAX running it to the front of the line before starting again.


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