01/22/2020 - lair - Chinese New Year!

AO: The Lair

When: 01/22/2020

QIC: Domino


Number of Pax: 5

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Straight Shooter, Chocolate Chip, Wilson, Choo Choo, Domino


5 PAX joined up this ridiculously cold morning to get in a workout celebrating Chinese New Year (a few days early).  2020 is the Year Of The Rat, so we brought in the new year in style!

(Side note: Actually, we brought it in even colder than it is in China right now.  It’s 26 degrees in Beijing…it’s 21 degrees in Atlanta.  And these ladies didn’t even get to warm up with fireworks! #RandomFactoidForTheDay #YoureWelcome)

We started out with some warmups of arm circles, Michael Phelps, jumping jacks, and a quick run around the large loop.  And then we jumped into the thang!


Y       30 Y Raises

E       30 Elevated Push Ups

A       30 Around The Worlds

R       RUN (Large Loop)


O       30 Overhead Press

F       30 Figure Four Squats (Each Side)


T       30 Toe Taps (Sets)

H       30 Hillbillies (Sets)

E       Everest (100 Mountain Climbers Sets)


R       RUN (Large Loop)

A       Ab ABCs

T       30 Touch and Hops (Each Side)

This didn’t take nearly as long as expected (because these ladies kick butt!) so we added in another run around the large loop, 50 sets of Russian Twists (yes, SETS…I LIKE SETS 😉 ), 50 In and Outs, and then started the Thang again…making it through the hillbillies.  Which is good because no one ever wants to hear the word Everest again, apparently.

Then it was time for COT, prayer and Name-O-Rama before we all raced off to our looming days…a little better than we were when we woke up this morning…because every moment in the company of these ladies makes my days a little brighter.  <3

Great job, ladies!  And Happy Year Of The Rat!


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