12/04/2021 - foxtrot - Christmas Feast

AO: Foxtrot

When: 12/04/2021

QIC: Wonder Woman & Chai


Number of Pax: 10

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Wonderland, Chai, Coach, Bridesmaid, Paperback, Nottley, Killer K, Love, Aquamarine


We had 10 fabulous PAX at AO Foxtrot on the beautiful sunny Saturday morning. The sun came up, it was 50+ degrees and we got our sweat on. Chai created a wonderful work for us.

Warm-Up  – We did  a few static stretches’ and a minute of step ups with a leg lift.

The Thang –

We picked partners, passed out the envelopes full of funny-money and picked a food to start out Christmas Feast with. We had to run and find the food item that we picked, somewhere in the park. Once we found the food item we had to choose how many reps we were doing of the 3 exercise’s on the paper. We had to pick an amount out of the Funny-Money that we had. We had $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100. Each group decided to use whatever amount that they wanted. The mount you choice was the reps of the exercises that you did.

The exercises were harder on sweets and unhealthy items. The Candy and Drinks that were not good for you were Burpees, Star Jumps and Jump Squats for example. Great challenged. The salad and prime rib exercise were Planks, Hallelujahs and Jumping Jacks. Not as challenging. You left the dollars that you used there at the food item and pick the next item to run to from the bowl that was there.

The goal was to hit every Christmas Feast food item through out the park, spend all your money and get an amazing workout in the process. We accomplished our goal on all accounts. You had to be very careful not to have the $100 left over when you hit the food item that made us do burpees ad Star Jumps. It was a fun and very interactive beatdown. We were yelling from group to group to find the correct food items, high fiving each other as we passed each other and logging lots of miles in our groups.

We played Christmas Music the whole hour and enjoyed laughing and hecklings each other.

After the hour of Christmas Feasting on-the-go we gathered together to pray, take a picture and have our Nameorama. We had coffee after as we laughed and caught up on life between us. It was a perfect way to start a Saturday! Loved that SUN!


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