05/05/2021 - arena - Cinco de Mayo!

AO: The Arena

When: 05/05/2021

QIC: Kodak


Number of Pax: 13

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Step Up, Paperback, Homeland, Switchback, Sugar Mama, Seinfeld, Neutral, Yellow Tulip, Ramsey, Cali, Mission, Pilgrim, Kodak


Well…out of 13 PAX, nobody brought the tequila so we just decided to work out this morning @ The Arena! I guess we had to make room for all the tacos, burritos, cheese dip, Sangrias, Margaritas….or whatever you feed your festive soul with ❤ We jumped right into a warm up song challenge of…I’m not even kidding…👏😁👏 “Cinco de Mayo” -Pitbull –Vsteps(4 count TTB), Burpees for drink/shots, OHC when you hear the claps…


We started on the stage with the warm up then ran our mats to the base of the steps to the wall & kept them there for the remainder of the beatdown. There we did 5 reps of 2 different exercises –> ran back to the stage to do 5 reps of 2 different exercises. We kept this going for 5 laps –> did a song challenge…then again with another song challenge. So a total of 3 complete rounds.

Song Challenge (warm up)

RUN to mats –> Bird Dog (sets) & Merkins

RUN to stage –> Jump Lunges (sets) & Jump Squats

RUN to mats –> BGS twists (sets) & Merkins

RUN to stage –> Cadence Kicks (to 5) & Around the World Lunges (sets)

Run to Mats –> Leg Raises & Merkins

Back to stage for a song challenge – Krazy -Pitbull (Seal Jacks, Stretches)

~Rinse & repeat all of the run/exercises above…then came back to the stage for another song challenge – Toma -Pitbull (Q call out of Plank Jacks/Plank walkers & Merkins) ~well kinda…we were struggling!

~Rinse & repeat the run/exercises  & finished with only 1 min left! Perfect timing! Perfect weather! Perfect company, with these amazing ladies & a perfect day to treat yo self! You earned it y’all!!

We wrapped up with COT & NOR…sending out blessings & good vibes for a happy, fun & safe Cinco de Mayo!! 😘


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