01/22/2022 - grove - Combos Tabata Style

AO: The Grove

When: 01/22/2022

QIC: Partly Cloudy


Number of Pax: 4

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Spartan, Dr. Doolittle, Choo Choo


Saturdays at The Grove are just my favorite.  I missed last week thanks to an early gym meet, so I was so thankful to be back to my normal Saturday routine.  Who doesn’t love chatting with their friends at 7 in the morning and 30 degree weather?  Thankfully once we got moving, we warmed up and even shed some layers.
We started with a slow warm up of stretches while we waited on Choo Choo who was running just a bit late.  Then we took a lap to buy a little more time before we got started.
Then with everyone ready, we started our Tabata combo moves.  We did 1 minute of exercise, 15 seconds of rest.

1. Wide Bicep Curl to Upright Row to chin

2. Wide Sumo Squat with a knee to elbow crunch.  Alternate sides.

3. Narrow squat with a step back lunge.  Switch sides.

4. Mt. Climbers x 4 with a burpee jump

5. Curtsy lunge to squat, alternating sides

6. Side lunge to backward lunge, alternating sides

7. Single Leg Dead Lift with a standing Fire Hydrant – just one leg.

8. Other leg – sldl plus fire hydrant

9. Dead lift to Hammer Curl to Squat (a triple threat!)

10. Glute Bridge with a marching leg lift (each side)

After each cycle we did a couple ab exercises.  43 LBCs after round 1 and a lap.  Then we repeated the Combos and did 39 Bicycles and 39 Russian Twists with another lap.  We made it through 8 of the 10 combos a third time before we ran out of time.  We snapped a pic, circled up for prayer and Name-O-Rama.  Then we scattered for mom duty.  It was the best way to start our a Saturday!  Thank you for joining me y’all!


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