03/26/2022 - grove - Cooper time

AO: The Grove

When: 03/26/2022

QIC: Dr Doolittle


Number of Pax: 3

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Spartan, Partly Cloudy


It was a chilly morning but I was grateful two pax decided to join me for a Cooper workout!  It may be rough dragging my butt out of bed but I never regret a workout when I do!

We started with a walk around the circle and some jumping jacks to get warmed up.  Then we started the Cooper.
The workout consisted of three exercises followed by a walk/jog around the circle each time.   We did 10 reps of each exercise and then did the run.  Each time we came back, we decreased the reps by 1 until we got to 1 rep of each.   The three exercises were:

Burpees/inch worms


Push ups

We ended our workout with a Sally and glute bridges.

Thank you ladies for joining me this morning and kicking my weekend off to a great start!






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