02/13/2021 - foxtrot - Corny Valentine

AO: Foxtrot

When: 02/13/2021

QIC: Straight Shooter


Number of Pax: 13

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Love, Journal, Chocolate Chip, Shrinky Dink, Chai, Valkyrie, Semper Fi, Wonder Woman, Bravo, Pilgrim, Renaissance, FNG Nature (Wethu), Straight Shooter


Today I learned or remembered a few things.  1.  There was a race at Foxtrot that I wasn’t aware of that kept us from going to the tennis courts due to the weather.  2.  I look like a drowned rat after working out in the rain for an hour.  3.  My FiA sisters showed up and showed out.  I had to think on my feet and change up my Q a little since the weather didn’t cooperate and we were sent to the snack shack.  I had hoped that my radar and weather prediction was wrong but alas it wasn’t.  We did some light stretches and then did the Cupid Shuffle.  I’m rhythmically challenged so I’m sure this was entertaining.  I was trying to count the beats in my head so I didn’t pay attention to how everyone else looked.  We did the whole radio version of the song and it was long.

Next was the thang.  I had found several corny Valentine’s sayings and put some exercises with them.  Hopefully this comes thru easily readable as I’m copying and pasting from my spreadsheet.  Yes, I have a spreadsheet of this.

When I hear your lovely voice I sit up and listen20 Big Girl Sit Ups
I wish I had a brain so I could think of you25 Scarecrows
Life means squat without you30 Sumo Squats
With you by my side I believe I can fly25 Chest Flys
My heart skips a beat every time I see youPower Skip
My tummy goes tight when I think of you20 Imperial Walkers
Life without you would be unbearable20 Bear Squats
I’d jump at the chance to be your Valentine50 Jumping Jacks
Love makes the world go round20 Around the Worlds
Together we climb every mountain30 Mountain Climbers
Don’t run away, be my ValentineRun
I go bananas for you20 Monkey Humpers
You make my heart all aflutter25 Flutter Kicks
You are my superman10 Supermans
Hop to it and be my Valentine15 Froggers
You are EGGactly right for me30 Chicken Wings
Together we reach for the stars10 Star Jumps
You tie my heart in knots20 Pretzel Crunches
You light my fire20 Fire Hydrants
You float my boat15 Boat/Canoes
I’m just popping with love for you40 Pop Squats
I would run to the end of the earth for youRun
May I glide into your heart?30 Skaters
I just want to crawl over and snuggle up to youBear Crawls
My you have a cute hiney40 High Knees
I lunge for you30 Lunges
Punch drunk love25 Alternating Front Punches
You’re just an angel in disguise100 Hallelujahs
Sealed with a kiss30 Seal Jacks
You are a cut above the rest20 Scissor Kicks
I am buggy for you20 Dead Bugs
You rate sky high with me15 Jump Squats
Valentine, you’ve run away with my heartRun

Next we did a tabata of 50 seconds on & 10 seconds rest of the following words:

K – kickbacks (tricep)

I – in & outs

S- spidermans (aka peter parkers)

S – squats


L- leg lifts (standing)

O – overhead press

V – Vsits

E – extensions (front)

Lastly we did the cupid shuffle plank edition, took 1 last lap, and did some light stretching before circling up and naming our FNG Nature as she enjoys running and being in the mountains.  Thank you all who showed up on this rainy, cool morning.


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