04/12/2021 - arena - Deck of Cards

AO: The Arena

When: 04/12/2021

QIC: Neutral


Number of Pax: 9

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Hairspray, Kodak, Pilgrim, Seinfeld, Sugar Mama, Cheyenne, Paperback, Love


We did a Deck of Crds workout today. Here are the exercises for each suit and how many to do of each or how long to do it! We got lots of cardio in and all of our 45 second chair sits! We touched on all exercises except lunges…It was fun and thank you ladies for bearing with me today as I was quite foggy due to allergies!
Healthy Hearts: draw 1-5: Jump squats; draw 6-10: jumping jacks; draw J,Q,K: jump rope; draw Ace: Butt kicks

Speedy Spades: draw 1-5: high knees; draw 6-10: heismans; draw  J, Q, K: mountain climbers; draw Ace: Fast Feet

Diamonds: draw 1-5: inchworms; draw 6-10: chair sit hold; draw J, Q, K: push-ups; draw Ace: lunges

Clubs: draw 1-5: thread the needle; draw 6-10: deadlift; draw J, Q, K: plank dumbbell pull; draw Ace: stomach leg lift

Joker: Free Choice

Card Key:

1-5 = 8 reps or 30 seconds

6-10 = 12 reps or 45 seconds

Jack, Queen, King = 16 reps or 60 seconds

Ace = 20 reps or 90 seconds



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