10/19/2020 - mill - Deck of Death

AO: The Mill

When: 10/19/2020

QIC: Southern Charm


Number of Pax: 9

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Served, Claws, Smokey, Certified, Belle, RumRunner, Falls, Confection, Southern Charm


8 beautiful ladies joined my on this windy chilly morning to get it done!

This is my first time to step in and take a last minute Q, so Deck of Death it was!!

We warmed up with some arm circles, out friend Sally, & a lap, then it was on to THE THANG!!

Spades – Donkey Kicks (sets)

Clubs – Push-ups

Diamonds – Half Sit-up Hold (you do a sit-up halfway & hold for one second)

Hearts – Overhead Press

We did every number on the card we choose & Jacks were 12, Queens were 13, Kings were 14, Aces were 15 & Jokers were all exercises 20 reps. Good ole Served pulled out a Joker on us!!

Thank you ladies for spending your morning with me, it always make for a great day when I start it with y’all ❤️


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