04/19/2021 - mill - Deja Vu – it’s Pilgrim again!

AO: The Mill

When: 04/19/2021

QIC: Pilgrim


Number of Pax: 8

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

In Your Face, Mellie (FNG),Pilgrim, Rum Runner, Smokey, Snorts, Tazer, Worm


Seven other PAX rose before the sun and met me at the Mill for Deja Vu – it’s Pilgrim again (and Rings of Fire). We started off with a quick warm up of arm circles, Michael Phelps, Imperial Walkers and Through the Tunnels (in cadence).

The Thang:

Welcome to the Rings of Fire! Not one, not two, but three rings for the ladies to work through. The first exercise listed was completed by the group while the second exercise listed was done individually. We took turns going around the ring. With 8 PAX, you would think this would have been quick – it was – but also a lot of cardio!

Ring 1:

High knees – 5 Burpees

Jumping Jacks – 5 inchworms

Toe Taps – 10 lunges (per side)

Butt Kicks – 10 merkins

Front kick (left leg) – 10 LBC

We cooled down our muscles by doing 20 renegade rows, 10 tricep kickbacks and 10 hammer curls

Ring 2:

Front kick (right leg) – 10 bourbons

skaters – 5 crab toe touches

squat jumps – run around the ring

up down planks – 10 Carolina dry docks

flutter squats – 10 squats

We did not make it to Ring 3, but we had quite a workout!

COT included a prayer, naming of our FNG (welcome Mellie!), and a cool down. Took a picture and off to mom duties!


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