10/17/2019 - foxtrot - Demon Dice

AO: Foxtrot

When: 10/17/2019

QIC: Sugarland


Number of Pax: 11

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Diggity Dogg, Southern Charm, Partly Cloudy, Blue Bell, Smooth Operator, Wilson, Straight Shooter, Wonder Woman, Shrinky Dink, Killa, Pinterest


It was a extremely cold October morning at 45 degrees!! 🥶 The wind was brutal but we warmed up really quickly!!!! I have read a few articles recently about proper ways to take care of our bodies before and after exercise and decided to start a new thing for warm up and after stretch!!

Warmup X 5 mins

30 seconds each:

Toy soldiers

Alternating single leg deadlift

Alt. Knee Tucks

Alt Knee left with hip turnout

Alt Lunges with torso twist

Bend over and swing arms while slowly standing

Michael Phelps

15 seconds each:

Forward arm circles small to big

Backward arm circles small to big

Butt kicks

High knee

Jumping Jacks

The Thang

Break into 2 teams

Each person on the team works toward their team total by doing their own exercises

Roll dice # you get = which exercises you do and how many shuttle runs you do

reps of exercises are always 10:

1. around the world

2. Lying Leg lifts

3. Alternation Lunges sets of choice

4. DB swing with overhead EXT

5. Russian twist sets

6. Bear squats

after you complete 10 reps and shuttles you put a bingo chip in your teams bucket and roll again and continue playing

unfortunately SOMEONE not naming any names [[WW]] out a finger full in her teams bucket so they were disqualified and team 2 won!!! LOL 😂

Cool down/stretch x 5 mins

20 seconds each:

Right neck stretch

Left neck stretch

Right arm stretch across body

Left arm stretch across body

Both arms behind head chest stretch

Right torso twist

Left torso twist

Right ankle on left knee push R knee

Left able on right knee push L knee

Right quad stretch

Left quad stretch

wide stance reach to the right foot

wide stance reach to the center

wide stance reach to the left foot

big yoga breaths

it was great to see Pinterest at the AM beatdown today even though the cold may scare her away!


COT for prayers and Name-o-rama



Monster beatdown Saturday at Foxtrot for the whole family

SS and Owlette are still collecting winter clothes for women and children

For Fialanthropy e are also collecting money to provide Thanksgiving meals for Families through Never Alone

Moms Camp at Camp Thunderbird at Lake Wylie is being held on the weekend after thanksgiving

if you are interested in any of these check slack or Facebook for more 411








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