06/17/2020 - mill - Dirty Dozen Duo at The Mill

AO: The Mill

When: 06/17/2020

QIC: Inspector Gadget


Number of Pax: 12

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Domino, Southern Charm, Blessing, Dunkin, Twerk, Cheer Bear, Killer K, The Goat, Patience, Jailbird, FNG Whitewater (Jessica)


It was a beautiful and even slightly breezy June morning today & the PAX sure did show up and show out at the Mill today! We had 4 PAX there at 5a for a pre-beatdown run and then a total of 12 PAX came ready to work at the normal beatdown time. We hit double digits at only the third beatdown at the Mill! Woohoo!

We gathered for a quick warm up of arm circles forward, arm circles backward, Through the Tunnels (IC), Toy Soldiers (IC) and Jumping Jacks (IC). After the warm-up I explained the beatdown & we got to work.

The Thang: Dirty Dozen Duo

We did a Dirty Dozen routine partner style. The way it worked was we had 12 rounds of 12 reps of a given exercise (for list of exercises see pic below). For each round, P1 completed the 12 reps of the exercise for that round while P2 held either an air chair or plank then they switched and didn’t move on to the next exercise until both partners had completed their 12 reps and air chairs/planks. After 2 rounds of exercises, we ran or walked to the end of the bus lanes. We ran through it completely once with enough time to run through all the exercises and running or walking one more time but just eliminated the air chair/planks.

We ended the workout with enough time to do some light stretching then circled up for more stretching, COT and Name-O-Rama where we named our FNG Jessica. She found out about FiA through her husband who recently joined F3 and one thing she shared with us is that they met as Whitewater rafting guides so we named her Whitewater. We are so happy to have her join us!


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