12/17/2019 - den - Dirty Dozen Revisited

AO: The Den

When: 12/17/2019

QIC: Whole Coconut


Number of Pax: 9

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Wonder Woman, Partly Cloudy, Straight Shooter, Sugarland, Killa, Honeycrisp, Anchor, Yellowstone


The Den was nearly tropical this morning! And by tropical I mean 60+F, rainy, and humid. For December, it was a little weird to wear short sleeves but much appreciated! I got to wear my new UGA tank that was a birthday gift from Partly Cloudy!! (Thank you PC!)

9 PAX joined me for a re-visit of an interval workout I’ve led before called The Dirty Dozen. We let the timer drive us and got our sweat going despite the weather.

The Thang:

5 minutes of warm up including arm circles, windmills IC, toy soldiers IC, high knees, butt kicks, quad stretches and gate swings.

The circuit was 45 seconds on +15 seconds transition time of the following 12 exercises:

prisoner squats

alternating side lunges

Mountain climbers

plank jacks


squat jumps

Dead lifts

tricep kickbacks

bicep curls

Bicycle crunches

overhead crunches


We grabbed water and recovered for a minute before repeating the circuit. We got through 2.5 rounds before we called it for COT. There was some mumble chatter which tells me we need to do this one again sometime soon!

Announcements: white elephant exchange Saturday at Foxtrot, AR Workshop social Jan 4, thank you for all the recent donations, don’t forget to sign up to Q!

COT- today was “superhero day” as we remembered Digits from FiA Lexington with socks and gear. We prayed for children, those missing, those grieving, those unwell. We’re keeping each other close this season.

Thanks for coming out today ladies! It was fun and I loved seeing all your smiles. Great start to the day!

❤️ Whole Coconut


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