08/04/2022 - valley - Displaced by a Kid Army!

AO: valley

When: 08/04/2022

QIC: Seinfeld


Number of Pax: 5

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Kodak, Foster, Sugar Momma, Homeland, Seinfeld


Ahhhhhh! School’s back in session, the greatest time of the year! More PAX are free to come to beatdowns and we have the parks completely to ourselves again…..wait, what’s that? There’s a group of 50ish kids at The Valley playground and almost as many adults milling about in the pavillion? They’re screaming and slamming bathroom doors and…..you know….existing? Awesome.


And that is the store of how we ended up squeezing onto the sidewalk near the road, the only place with a shady space, to do our workout. We did Rounds of Jericho – 7 exercises, done for 7 reps, repeated for 7 minutes. After each round we walked a lap up the parking lot (cause ain’t nobody got time to weed through that many young’uns to walk a playground lap). We had time for 4 rounds, but I had only written out 3, so round 4 was PAX choice.


But, no matter how, or where we did our beatdown, it was AWESOME to be back in action at the Valley!


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