12/07/2020 - union - Do You Want Build A Snowman?

AO: The Union

When: 12/07/2020

QIC: Valor


Number of Pax: 8

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Wilson, Choo Choo, Guac, Chocolate Chip, Smooth Operator, Greyhound, Diggity Dogg, Valor


Today was another great Monday at the Union. Temps were cooler, but not miserable. Thankfully the wind held off for later in the day, and we were able to build our snowmen without snow hats, gloves, and scarves on! Most of us got our snowmen fully decorated, but it did take the entire time to do so!


We warmed up with the basics: arm circles, high knees in place, some side to side lunging windmills, and then we got straight to it!


The Thang

There were only a few rules to go over before we started

  • You MUST build the 3 snowballs first
  • You are working collectively with your partner to hit the reps

There was an allowance of one snowball fight per team, but no one used it (5 burpees for all other teams if you call snowball fight)

Largest Snowball: 300 side to side squats (use weights or bands or both). Step to the right side squat, step together squat, step to the left squat, step together squat. So its 4 reps when you get back to the start.

Middle Snowball: 200 curl to press

Smallest Snowball: 100 Merkins

Hat: 100 Alternating skull crushers with bicycle legs

Nose: 100 Lunge Lunge Squat (walking forward like in LLSchool J)

Eyes (both): 100 Side V-Ups with Leg lift (use resistance loop around the quads)

Scarf: 200 Shoulder Taps with Plank jack

Smile: 100 weighted big girl sit ups

Arms (both): 100 Chest flys in glute bridge hold (use resistance loop around quads)

1 Button: 4 laps

We circled up, prayed, sang a beautiful rendition of Happy Birthday to our very own Smooth Operator, and then we took off! Love each of these ladies and their sweet faces on a Monday morning!


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