06/11/2022 - grove - Donald Duck’s Belated Ladder with some Cotton Candy

AO: The Grove

When: 06/11/2022

QIC: Shrinky Dink


Number of Pax: 7

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Spartan, Choo Choo, Free Willy, Birdie, Partly Cloudy, Caliente


I didn’t get to share my Donald Duck ladder on Thursday because of the rain so we did it today at the Grove! We warmed up with some arm circles, gorilla swings, toy soldiers IC, and tumbleweeds IC.

The Thang – a ladder is a routine where you perform an exercise and then add other exercises, repeating the previous ones first. So for this beatdown, we were spelling DONALD DUCK because it was his birthday on Thursday. Each exercise was 10 reps and we did sets where noted. WE did 10 sets of donkey kicks, then repeated those and added overhead presses, then went back to the start and completed donkey kiks, then OH press, and then added narrow squats… and so on.

D – donkey kicks (sets)

O – overhead Press

N – narrow squats

A – around the worlds

L – lunges

D – duck walk (10 steps out and 10 steps back)

We then ran a full lap of the grove.

D – Drops

U – upright rows

C – crockpot squats

K – kangaroos

We ran another full lap and still had time to spare. So I had looked to see what today’s national holiday was (June 11) and it was National Cotton Candy day and also Corn on the Cob day. I picked Cotton Candy to spell with another ladder. We didn’t have time to do it ladder-style so we just completed 10 reps of each one.

C – crab walk 10 steps out and back

O – OH press

T – torso twists

T – tricep kickbacks

O – oblique side bends

N – narrow squats

We took a lap to the stop sign and back to save time.

C – crunchy frogs

A – alternating shoulder taps

N – narwhals

D – dead bugs

Y – y raises

We took another lap to the stop sign and then had time to do bag of abs. Each Pax called out an ab exercise and we did 10 reps of each – American Pie situps, russian twists, in and outs, pretzel crunches, penguins, flutter kicks, and cross leg crunches sets. We finished with COT and NOR. Always great to have Choo Choo’s 2.0 join us (Free Willy)! Have a great weekend!


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