10/26/2019 - foxtrot - Double Double Toil and Trouble

AO: Foxtrot

When: 10/26/2019

QIC: Sugarland


Number of Pax: 10

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Lucky, Chai, Southern Charm, Straight Shooter, Whole Coconut, Smooth Operator, Wilson, Chocolate Chip, Snickers, Healthy Mama


10 pax showed up today with a chance of rain and  lots of wind for my 37th Birthday beatdown!!!!!

Warmup X 5 mins

30 seconds each:

Toy soldiers

Alternating single leg deadlift

Alt. Knee Tucks

Alt Knee left with hip turnout

Alt Lunges with torso twist

Bend over and swing arms while slowly standing

Michael Phelps

15 seconds each:

Forward arm circles small to big

Backward arm circles small to big

Butt kicks

High knee

Jumping Jacks


The Thang

broke into 2 teams ~
pumpkins & cauldrons

taking turns one person on each team tosses a bean bag into their pumpkin or cauldron

Make it- double points (2)

Miss it- double reps

reps were either 15 or 30 and there were 4 exercise categories with 7 exercises in each (since it’s my 37 birthday) we rotated through one at a time so game play looked like this….

Toss, Collect points, Exercise repeat

 Strength X 15 reps

1. Bicep curls

2. overhead tricep ext

3. Squats

4. Donkey Kicks

5. push-ups

6. hallelujahs (weighted or not)

7. Plié Squat with calf raises


Cardio x 30 reps

1. fast feet

2. skaters

3. Mt. Climbers

4. jump ropes

5. Butt Kicks

6. Prisoner Jacks

7. power skip in place


Abs x 30 reps

1. crunches

2. flutter kicks

3. glue bridges

4. bicycle crunches

5. Russian twists

6. dead bugs

7. In & outs



after all three categories of #1 we took a lap around the obstacle course then again after all the categories of #2 a lap….


We finished in about 45 minutes so we did a song challenge to Morgan Wallen’s song up/down…. hold  chair during verses squats to the chorus when he says to down up down to down & rest during instrumental part 🤠

did a few killer reps from bag of arms to match my new age of 37 ouch 😣

Cool down/stretch x 5 mins

20 seconds each:

Right neck stretch

Left neck stretch

Right arm stretch across body

Left arm stretch across body

Both arms behind head chest stretch

Right torso twist

Left torso twist

Right ankle on left knee push R knee

Left able on right knee push L knee

Right quad stretch

Left quad stretch

wide stance reach to the right foot

wide stance reach to the center

wide stance reach to the left foot

big yoga breaths

Came together for a picture or pictures in this case thanks mason and Harper for all the great pics there were about 25 taken lol, prayers and name-o-rama and announcements

~2.0 beatdown at Foxtrot next Saturday 11/2/19

~ Straight Shooter is collecting money for thanksgiving meals through never alone families being helped are all local to Cherokee County please donate if you can

 ~pumpkin spice 5k is at Foxtrot on Saturday November 16th plan to join us with or without swag we will be running the park so might not be child friendly and no planned beatdown that day

~ partly cloudy is looking for a handful of friends to join her And the other ladies as she has a minimum she needs to meet for a December devotional and ornament exchange it is a small investment that will be well worth your money if only $15 please consider doing it!!! More info on Facebook and slack if you have interest or questions




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