04/03/2021 - thicket - Egg-cercise Time at the Thicket

AO: The Thicket

When: 04/03/2021

QIC: Twinkle Toes & Inspector Gadget


Number of Pax: 4

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Raptor, Sugar Momma, Inspector Gadget & Twinkle Toes


We had a small but mighty crew on this Holy Saturday morning at the Thicket. My 2.0 Twinkle Toes joined me today & even helped me come up with the workout & set it up. We started with a quick warm-up of arm circles forward, arm circles backward, Michael Phelps, Toy Soldiers (IC) & a quick lap.

After the warm-up we got started on the Thang. We had a FiA style Egg hunt today where Twinkle Toes & I “hid” 20 plastic eggs each containing an egg-cercise for us to complete. We even hid a golden egg where whoever found it got to pick a prize from the Bingo box.

I had planned to do 4 exercises then take a lap for 5 total rounds so since there were only 4 of us this morning it was perfect. We each picked an egg then we did 12 reps or sets of each egg-cercise (for the 12 disciples) & took a lap.


  1. Bird Dog Crunches (sets)
  2. Bourbons (sets)
  3. Squat Thrusters
  4. Mountain Climbers (sets)
  5. Glute Bridges
  6. Heismans (total)
  7. Russian Twists (sets)
  8. Big Girl Sit-Ups
  9. Imperial Walker (sets)
  10. Hillbillies (sets)
  11. Front to Lateral Raises
  12. Zottman Curls
  13. Tricep Kickbacks
  14. Curtsy Lunges (sets)
  15. Reverse Crunches
  16. Goblet Squats
  17. Reverse Lunges with a Front Kick (sets)
  18. Calf Raises
  19. Merkins
  20. Around the Worlds

After we finished all 5 rounds we still had plenty of time left so I decided to help the ladies knock out 2 additional Bingo boxes. First, we pretended to be a bunny & did 100 curb jumps & jump ropes (we broke them up into 10 rounds of 10 of each) then took a lap. Then we did 50 sets of Butterfly Flutter Kicks & Bicycles then took a lap & did another 50 sets of each & took a final lap.

We ended with some light stretching, took a picture, said prayers & enjoyed some coffee & fellowship. Dory joined us just in time for the stretching in coffeeteria.

It was a great morning with some of my wonderful FiA friends. Hope you all have a Hoppy Easter!! 🐣 💐


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