04/13/2022 - arena - Eggs & Burpees for Easter

AO: The Arena

When: 04/13/2022

QIC: Paperback


Number of Pax: 7

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Von Trapp, Hairspray, Dumplin, Seinfeld, Mariposa, Step Up


Eggs & Burpees for Easter

This beatdown had a pretty simple setup- throw out some plastic eggs filled with exercises on the grass and get started! We started with a run/walk lap and stopped at the grass before the stage steps to pick an egg and do 1 burpee. The we all returned to the stage and everyone took turns cracking their eggs to see what exercise the whole group will do. The reps is determined by the # on egg + 10. Once we completed everyone’s exercises we took another lap, stopped to get an egg, did 1 burpee, and went back to the stage for another round of exercises. We got in 5 rounds before time ran out.

These were the exercises in the eggs and our reps ran from 11-22:

Mountain Climbers

Around the Worlds

Flutter kicks

Toe Touches


Overhead Tricep Extension

Donkey Kicks


Imperial Walkers


Bicycle Crunches

Hammer Curls

Glute Bridges

Jumping Jacks

Good Mornings

Thank you the ladies who joined me this morning! We ended with prayer and names before heading out to conquer the rest of the week. Happy Easter week to everyone!!


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