11/16/2020 - arena - Eleven ALARMS…..errr ALAR….

AO: The Arena

When: 11/16/2020

QIC: Seinfeld


Number of Pax: 16

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Mama Bear, Lakeside, Thread, Pie, Chicklit, Homeland, Flipper, Duke, Sugar Momma, Kodak, Sketch, Neutral, Sooner (FNG), Hairspray, Pilgrim, Seinfeld


SIXTEEN ladies joined together at the Arena today….yes, sixteen…16. It was awesome. And while it started out cold, we warmed up FAST.


We warmed up with 10 Windmills and 10 TTT in cadence.  Then on the my Eleven Alarms workout. (like 11 Alive….except Alarms….get it?)  We set up mats on one side of the grassy quad and weights on the other, then we did  a set of Arms, Legs, Abs/Obliques, Rear….and well we ran out of time. See, the idea was that we would do 1 exercise on one side, run to the weights, do 10 of the other, then 2 & 9, then 3 & 8, etc. Well its kind of long haul across that square after you do it a time or two. But we got to target all four areas for a total body workout with a good bit of cardio, so I call it a good day!  Here were the exercises:

Arms – Merkins and L Raise (sets)

Legs – Reverse Lunges and Squats

Abs/Obliques – BGS and Raggedy Annes

Rear (end) – Alternating Donkey Kick (sets) and Deadlifts


Working through these four with the runs took up all our time. We finished with prayer, names and then we named our FNG, Neutral’s mom!  She’s proud of her Oklahoma roots and so we gave her the name Sooner 🙂 And while I did take video of Name-O-Rama, I tested myself and I correctly listed everyone without it!  Yay!


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