08/24/2021 - den - Eleven’s at The Den

AO: The Den

When: 08/24/2021

QIC: Semper Fi


Number of Pax: 8

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Dr Doolittle, Knottely, Wonderland, Megaphone, Wonder Woman, Aquamarine, The Viking, and me Semper Fi


7 of some the best ladies I know met me early to get it done on this hot and muggy August morning.  I had been feeling a little out of sorts being sick and not having done a workout in over a week, but like always,  my ladies pushed and motivated me to give my best.  #Bettertogether if you have had a doubt!!!!

We warmed up with arm circles, Michael Phelps, toy soldiers and windmills IC.  Then on to the Thang ~

Today we did an Elevens workout, which consisted of 3 sets of 2 exercises each.  Pax start with 1 rep of 1st exercise, run to the end of the parking lot and then do 10 of the 2nd exercise. Then run back and rinse and repeat the exercises doing 2 of the 1st, 9 of the 2nd, then 3/8 and so on always adding up to 11.

We had a different mode of transportation for each set.  Running, side shuffle, and high knee skip. And I think we all agree that side shuffling takes way more work than running, WHEW!  Halfway between the other end we stopped and did 5 jumping jacks for the 1st set. My board says 2 jumping jacks but I called an audible and changed it to 5.   For the 2nd set we did 5 squats.  We also did that for the 3rd but with about 10 min left we left out the halfway stop to make sure we could get all our reps in.

Set 1 Arms – Merkins & Deadlift with upright row.  MOT: Running

Set 2 Abs – Russian twists, sets & Hillbillies, sets. MOT: Side shuffle

Set 3 Cardio – Mountain climbers & Jump squats.  MOT High knees skip

Most of the ladies were able to finish and the ones that didn’t were very close.  I think we were all drenched by the end of this one.

We circled up, Wonder Woman led us with an awesome prayer and we said our goodbyes to each other.  All of us off to tackle the day but definitely a little bit stronger than we were.

Don’t forget to be awesome today ladies.




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