08/29/2020 - foxtrot - EMOM – one part at a time

AO: Foxtrot

When: 08/29/2020

QIC: Shrinky Dink


Number of Pax: 11

Number of FNGS: 2

Pax Names:

Orange Pekoe, Bees, Tacos, Passport, Bluebell, Coach, Lucky, Chai, FNG – Fearless (Karen Orlosky), and FNG – Coddiwomple (Becky French)


Today with the threat of storms and rain, we still had a great turnout for this beatdown. Passport was there with her husband while he worked out and with a little encouragement stayed for the beatdown and had a friend, one of our FNGs join us too! Then we had another FNG (Fearless) come up to the group toward the end of our workout and joined us (that’s why the name Fearless was such a good fit!).

We did a few warm up on your own stretches, arm circles, etc as I explained the Thang.

The Thang – EMOM one part at a time

So I created an 8-minute round each for legs, arms, and abs in this one with a run around the sidewalk loop to get some cardio. PAX would do 25 reps of the exercise and if they were finished before the minute timer was up, they got a brief rest; otherwise we would go from one to the next with no break in between. This led to some burning legs, arms and abs today!

Here was the breakdown of exercises each round:

Legs –

Squats, Hillbillies (sets), calf raises, backward lunges (sets), step ups (sets), Imperial Walkers (Sets), Curtsy lunges (sets), and monkey humpers

Arms –

Around the worlds, hammer curls, overhead press, tricep kickbacks, front raises, hallelujahs, lateral raises, push ups

Abs –

In and outs, reverse crunches, BGSUs, leg lifts, russian twists (sets), bicycles( sets), windshield wipers, LBCs

We got through all three with time left so then we started back through with Coach’s suggestion of doing 10 of each, no timer, and no run after the rounds. We got through with 5 minutes to stretch and name our two FNGS and then visited with coffeeteria. Thanks for joining me ladies!


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  1. Karen

    What a wonderful group of women. So welcoming to the FNG! I look forward to more workouts in the future and making friends.

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