06/13/2020 - thicket - Evens or Odds Tabata

AO: The Thicket

When: 06/13/2020

QIC: Inspector Gadget


Number of Pax: 11

Number of FNGS: 2

Pax Names:

Vonn Trapp, Liesl V (FNG), Tiny Dancer, Domino, Twerk, Cheer Bear, Icebox, Kodak, Blessing and Homeland


It was a beautiful Saturday morning at the Thicket with a total of 11 PAX, 2 new FNG 2.0s plus lots of other happy kiddos enjoying the playground.

We all warmed up with some arm circles forward, arm circles backward, Michael Phelps, Through the Tunnels (IC), and Toy Soldiers (IC). After the warm up, we got started on the Thang.

We did a 6 round Tabata doing an exercise each round for 1 minute. In order to choose our exercise we would do each round I brought a card deck (with face cards removed) where I drew a card at the beginning of each round and then we used the number on the card to determine whether or not we did the odds exercise or evens exercise for that round. After the first 5 exercise rounds we ran or walked a short lap around the playground equipment. After we completed all 6 rounds, we ran or walked a longer lap around the two pavilions. We had enough time to run through everything 3 times and most of us ended up with over 2 miles of running.

Round 1: Parker Peters (odds) or Plank Jacks (evens)

Round 2: Crock Pot Squats (odds) or Alternating Reverse Lunges with a Front Kick (evens)

Round 3: Renegade Rows (odds) or Over-the-head Tricep Extension (evens)

Round 4: Pretzel Crunches (odds) or Russian Twists (evens)

Round 5: Glute Bridges (odds) or Pendulum (evens)

Round 6: Bicep Curls (odds) or Lateral Raise to Front Raise (evens)

We ended with some light stretching, COT and Name-O-Rama. We had two 2.0s who did all or some of the workout with us so we named them at the end. Welcome Icebox (Twerk’s 2.0) and Liesl V (Vonn Trapp’s 2.0)! Icebox killed the entire workout and was running circles around us all!


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