10/12/2020 - mill - Favorite Fall Activities Workout

AO: The Mill

When: 10/12/2020

QIC: Belle


Number of Pax: 10

Number of FNGS: 2

Pax Names:

Belle, Confection, Domino, Dory, Jager, Killer K, Rumrunner (FNG), Snorts, Smokey, Spike (FNG)


It was a quintessential autumn summer morning, where the mist mixed with the heat creating a super fun sauna workout. We had a total of 10 PAX at the Mill today. We even had 5 PAX show up a little early for a pre-beatdown run/walk.

We started with a warm up of the usual – arm circles, Michael Phelps, & jumping jacks while I explained, and then we went right to The Thang.


Today our exercises corresponded with our favorite fall activities. We did 31 reps for all of the exercises, except for the woodchoppers and  the single leg deadlifts. For those two exercises we did 15 reps per side. We made it through the routine 2 times.

>>Fall Favorites>>>Workouts<<

  1. Jumping in Leaves >>> Squat to Overhead Press
  2. Bonfire >>> Woodchoppers
  3. Pumpkin Picking >>> Single Leg Deadlift
  4. Corn Maze >>> Scarecrow
  5. Playing Football >>> Monkey Humpers

>Trick or Treat >>> Run a Lap<

  1. Nature Hike >>> Mountain Climbers
  2. Bobbing for Apples >>> Merkins
  3. Haunted House >>> Boo-ty Bridges
  4. Hayrides >>> BGS
  5. Pumpkin Spice Everything >>> Russian Twists

>Trunk or Treat >>> Run a Lap<

We finished up by Domino leading us in batwings, and then we ran a final lap.

We circled up for COT, where Dory lead us in prayer. Afterwards we did Name-O-Rama and named 2 amazing FNGs!


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