09/29/2020 - hideout - FiA Coffee Break Time

AO: The Hideout

When: 09/29/2020

QIC: Inspector Gadget


Number of Pax: 14

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Chinchilla, Stitch, True Crime, Certified, Blessing, Chef, Domino, Shrinky Dink, Solo, Chip, Artist, Journey & Charity


There was a 50% chance of rain this morning and I still had 13 ladies get up early this morning to come workout with me. Thankfully the rain held off until we were all packing up to head to our cars.

There was a total of 4 PAX that showed up at 4:30a for the pre-run then 13 total who stayed for the beatdown (Chinchilla had to leave after the run but it was so great to have her join us this morning). We started the beatdown with a warm up of arm circles forward, arm circles backward, Michael Phelps & toy soldiers (IC).

Since it is National Coffee Day today, I decided we needed a FiA Coffee Break Time. We spelled out those words with a Tabata in intervals of 30s, 45s & 60s & ran a lap after each 30/45/60 set of exercises.

C – Curtsy Lunges (30s)

O – Overhead Tricep Extensions (45s)

F – Flutter Kicks (60s)


F – Front Raises (30s)

E – Elevated Calf Raises (45s)

E – E2Ks (60s)


B – Bear Squats (30s)

R – Reverse Crunches (45s)

E – Eagle Wings (60s)


A – Ankle Biters (30s)

K – Kangaroos (45s)

T – Toy Soldiers (60s)


I – Imperial Walkers (30s)

M – Monkey Humpers (45s)

E – Elf on the Shelf (60s)

We completed all the exercises once & the second time around we had to end at Toy Soldiers (most of us also skipped a lap of running). We took a quick picture, circled up for prayers & Name-O-Rama.

I surprised the ladies & brought some coffee for after the beatdown too. If anyone wants to try some delicious coffee & support a small local business you should definitely check out Brandie’s Homestead Goods. It is amazing & the owners are super sweet! They don’t have a store front but they do have a FB Group & are usually at the market that’s outside Reformation Brewery in downtown Canton on Tuesday evenings.


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