06/03/2022 - pack - FIA Farmers

AO: The Pack

When: 06/03/2022

QIC: Foster


Number of Pax: 4

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Straight Shooter, Walker, Caliente, Foster


Friday morning was a special modification to a workout I had been doing during the winter to strengthen some weaker spots I had.

This is designed to strengthen the forearm and stabilizer muscles in the arm needed to carry heavier objects and support your own body weight.

It consisted of Kneeled Rows, Kneeled Chest Fly’s and Seated Weighted Rows, then moved into isometric movements to enforce that stability like Farmer’s Carry and Farmer’s Carry and Drop which is just fancy names for carry something heavy in each hand and walk a certain distance based on that weight.

Then we performed Chest Squats, Seed Pickers and Deadlifts to exhaust our muscles some more and double reinforce what we already did.

I am horrible at detailed written directions/explanations for these type of things and honestly rather show you.

The Ladies that joined me took it in stride and helped remind me of why we come together which ultimately the fellowship we bring each other.

But below is what I had on the sheet I handed out, it was a bit wordy to put on a whiteboard!

Seed Pickers

– Bend over and place weight down gently then squat to pick it up with alternating arms.

You squat each time to pick it up and bring it to waist level then bend over like doing a deadlift to place weight back on the ground, These are done as a set.

Chest Squat

– Hold your weight at arms length and squat

Farmer’s Carry

– Heavy Weight used as side carry

Farmer’s Carry and Drop

– Personal Preference on weight, take each weight between points and make a lap, pick weight up when completing lap.


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