10/12/2019 - foxtrot - FiA Signal Mountain Launch

AO: Foxtrot

When: 10/12/2019

QIC: Partly Cloudy


Number of Pax: 13

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Wyeth, Dre, Forever21, Beats, Wonder Woman, Cocoa, Shark, Lisa Frank, Scooter, Rocky Top, Sugarland, Hang Ten (FNG)


FiA Cherokee had the opportunity to go to Signal Mountain on Saturday and help a new location launch.  We love helping FiA grow!

It was dark and chilly, but PAX started showing up just before start time.  We warmed up while everyone was getting settled with jump rope hops, butt kicks, and high knees.  Then we got started with a fitness themed Never Have I Ever warm up.

If you have done what was called out, side shuffle left.  If not, side shuffle right.  Half way through, we shifted to grapevines, then skips.

Never Have I Ever:

Been to a FiA Workout

Run a half or full marathon

Spent more than $150 on a pair of running shoes

Exercised while on vacation

Completed a Spartan Race

Convinced a complete stranger to workout with me

Walked laps around the house to get to 10,000 steps


Gone to Target for 1 grocery item and left with workout gear or clothes

Enjoyed doing burpees

We had some laughs and warmed up.  Next, I explained our Thang: See You When I See You

PAX partner up.  Run opposite directions from each other on the track.  When you meet on the other side of the track, stop and do 10 squats, 10 Carolina Dry docks, 10 monkey Humpers, 10 Around the Worlds.  Then run opposite ways again.  Next time you meet, stop and do the same exercises, but only 9.  Then again doing 8 exercises, then 7, 6, …all the way to 1.

As PAX finished, they grabbed a quarter and flipped it.  If heads, they did 10 side lunges (each side).  If tails, they did 10 shoulder taps (each side).  We continued to flip until everyone was done.

Once done, we did a King of the Castle.  We had a goal of 100 Bourbons, done in sets of 10.  Do 10, flip your coin.  If heads, do your next 10.  If tails, do 5 In & Outs, then your next 10 Bourbons.  Flip again.  Continue to 100.  Once finished, run a lap.

We had about 10 minutes left, so we did a Ring of Fire with jump squats and push ups.  Then I lead them through Bat Wings.

We closed with a prayer, our Name-O-Rama/COT, and the naming of our FNG Hang Ten – welcome!

We moved over to a wonderful little grocery store next door, Pruetts, for breakfast and coffee.  They had a great patio and fire place where we gathered and hung out.

We definitely felt like we were in the mountains, experiencing fall sitting there by the fire.

It was so great to meet everyone and see how much potential FiA has for this area.  Keep up the great work ladies!!  Thank you for having us!


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