12/17/2019 - thicket - Field Dice

AO: The Thicket

When: 12/17/2019

QIC: Pinterest


Number of Pax: 6

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Canon, Stitch, Tiny Dancer, Von Trapp, Homeland


Today we mixed it up a bit. We used the big field down from the playground to do our beatdown. Starting in the middle Each PAX rolls a die. Depending on number you run left or right to the edge of the designated parameter and do the specified exercise based on your number roll. Every exercise is 20 reps. One side is mat exercise and the other is a weighted exercise.
1. overhead press

2 situps

3 curls

4 j-lo

5 around the world

6 in and outs

*halfway through I changed the exercises*

example: I roll a 3 so I run to the left and do 20 curls then run back to the middle and roll again. I roll a 6 so I run to the right and do 20 in and outs then run back to the middle to roll again….

we ended with a 6 pack wheel of abs. COT and name-o-Rama.


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