11/02/2021 - hideout - Fill in the blank…

AO: The Hideout

When: 11/02/2021

QIC: Journey


Number of Pax: 2

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Journey, Kazoo


After stress from work and being under the weather… It felt nice to get back to routine. Got out and boy was it chilly and foggy. Arrived at the hideout to a beautiful new face 😊

Started with our disclaimer for our FNG and some stretching. Then we moved on to our thing. Since it was just the two of us I filled in the blanks. Right answer 20 reps/sets/per side and wrong answer was 30 reps/sets/per side.

1. These black & white _____ are cute! (Penguins)

2. We need a full _____ up to make it count. (Sit)

3. A whale with a large tusk _____. (Narwhal)

4. Bet you saw many of these _____ in mazes. (Scarecrows)

————- Walk big loop ————

5. Curbs are good for _____dips. (Tricep)

6. Carpenter tool not needed for _____ _____! (Hammer Curls)

7. Does crockpot make you think _____? (Squats)

8. Slight bend of the knee while moving forward _____ ______.
(Walking Lunges)

————Walk big loop —————

9. Not jumping jelly beans, but _____ _____. (Jumping Jacks)

10. These remind me of Christmas  _____ ______. (Toy soldiers)

11. Criss cross _____ _____ work your inner thighs! (Flutter kicks)

12. _______ ______ are an ab exercise. (Russian twists)

————— Walk big loop————-

Rinse and Repeat twice

Followed by COT and name-o-rama. It was nice getting to know what an interesting and unique person Kazoo is! Can’t wait for you all to meet her!

Great start to the morning!


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