10/22/2019 - hideout - FIRST TUESDAY AT THE HIDEOUT

AO: The Hideout

When: 10/22/2019

QIC: Shrinky Dink


Number of Pax: 5

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Boss, Inspector Gadget, Bourbon, Stitch


To celebrate the start of Tuesdays at the Hideout, I decided a spelling beatdown was in order. Four lovely and amazing PAX joined me despite the rain in the forecast (which did arrive right on time at 6:00 AM). We managed to get all the way through the workout by about 6:00! These ladies killed it! I had to leave a little early to manage the school prep for my kids so Inspector Gadget took over with a 6-pack of abs. Here is how it went:

Warm-up consisted of some high knees, a few arm circles, and TTT in cadence.

The Thang: For each exercise we did 22 reps because today is the 22nd of October. Where sets could be counted, we did sets.

F – flutter kicks (sets)

I – imperial squat walkers (sets)

R – Russian twists (sets)

S – Side Straddle Hops (aka Jumping Jacks)

T – Tricep kickbacks

T – triangle crunches – first side

U – upright rows

E – elbow to knee

S – sumo squats

D – dead lifts

A – Arm circles (front and then backward)

Y – Y-raises (arms)

A – Around the worlds

T – Toe reaches (sets)

T – Triangle crunches – other side

H – Hammer curls

E – elevated glute bridges

H – Hip dips – count single if desired; count sets for challenge

I – In and outs

D – donkey kicks (sets)

E – elbow to knee or elevated glute bridge PAX choice

O – overhead tricep extensions

U – upright rows

T – Toy soldiers (sets)

In between each word we ran to the lightpost and back. Thankfully we finished this part of the beatdown before the rain really got going. Next we did a round of PAX choice and each of us called out an exercise that we did 20 reps of (jumping jacks, hillbillies, bourbons, lunges, and I can’t remember the last one). Inspector Gadget closed it out with a 6-pack of abs (well almost she said they got through 5) that consisted of 30 seconds of high knees in between 30 seconds Russian twists, 30 seconds pretzel crunches, 30 seconds dollies, 30 seconds of reverse crunches, and 30 seconds of Raggedy Ann’s; they took 5 seconds between exercises.

The crew closed it out with name-o-rama and COT.


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