01/12/2020 - pack - Foggy Sunday

AO: The Pack

When: 01/12/2020

QIC: Partly Cloudy


Number of Pax: 8

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Owlette, Rise Up, Domino, Honey Crisp, Yellow Tulip, Guac, Chocolate Chip


The storms passed and left us with a beautiful foggy Sunday Morning at The Pack.  The fog was unreal and visibility was not good.  So, I made the call to stay in the High School parking lot.  No crossing the street to the Middle School or venturing off onto the streets.  It was humid out, our hair and eye lashes were soaked.  But, the temperature was mild and nice!
We took our photo, prayed, and headed off to do our miles.  Domino, Owlette, and Rise Up rucked.  They did 3+ miles!  Guac and Chocolate Chip stayed together and got 5-6 miles.  Yellow Tulip, Honey Crisp, and I all ran solo, but kept tabs on each other making sure no one was left alone.  Yellow Tulip doesn’t track her miles, but it was in the 5-6 range too.  Honey Crisp got a PR – keeping ALL miles under 12 minutes!  For 5 miles!  Way to go Honey Crisp!  I wogged, logging just under 5 miles.
We were definitely better together this Sunday morning.  I’m pretty sure none of us would have ventured out solo.  I’m so thankful for our Sunday runday at The Pack! Thanks for joining me ladies!


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