11/11/2020 - mill - Four corners

AO: The Mill

When: 11/11/2020

QIC: Yellow Tulip


Number of Pax: 4

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Belle, Domino, Inspector Gadget


We started with some stretching and jumping jacks for a warm-up.

“Cones” aka Red Solo cups because I don’t have any cones were set up around the parking lot. There were 4 stations in total. At each station we completed an exercise. We started with 20 reps and increased by 10 for each round. We made it to 50.

# 1 Butterflies

#2 Hillbillies

#3 Crockpot squats

#4 Overhead press

Modes: Bear crawl to the first station, sprint to the second station, high knees, to the third, and lunges to the fourth.

We ended with a prayer, thanking our Veterans and their families for their endless sacrifice for our country. We also prayed for several of our fia sisters experiencing challenges.




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