07/24/2020 - hideout - Friday F.I.R.E W.O.R.K.S

AO: The Hideout

When: 07/24/2020

QIC: Wonder Woman


Number of Pax: 18

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Certified, Southern Charm, Twinkle Toes, Inspector Gadget, Stitch, Chef, Patients, Wilson, Shrinky Dink, Pavement Princess, Previ, Seinfeld, Dunkin, Journey, Domino, Charity, Blessing


18 Pax at AO The Hideout – We gathered together after a few of us did a 2 mile pre-run. 18 strong amazing ladies made it out to the beat-down this morning. The group was energetic, ready and excited to get out and get it done.

~ Warm up ~
Follow the leader – To the whole song “Chasing the Sun”
Side to sides, toy soldiers, wind mills – Move Move Move! We were now warm.


Partner suicides – Move up the cones as each person does their own count for each exercise. When you partner returns from their runs you run the suicides and your partner does the exercise.

F  – 25 – Front  Raises (weighted)
I –  50 – In & Outs
R – 25 – Reverse Crunches
E – 50- Easy Riders (bicycles)

W – 25 – Wind Mills (sets)
O – 50 – Overheard Press (weighted)
R – 25 – Reverse Lunges (sets)
K – 50 – Kangaroos (four count high knee with a hand ground tap, that is 1)
S –  25 – Squats

We did 2 Burpees at the end of each song. Where ever we were we stopped, dropped and did 2. We finished our time up with ab exercises.  Russian Twists, Penguin’s, 1 minute plank, sit-ups

Theses ladies did an amazing job. They all worked hard and the chatter was awesome and fun.

We circled up had a group prayer, took a fabulous picture and nameorama.


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