01/09/2023 - mill - Full Body Burnout

AO: The Mill

When: 01/09/2023

QIC: Falls


Number of Pax: 3

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Jet Setter


Today’s workout was a no running, but get your heart rate up easy kind of workout.

We started with walking lunges to warm up our glutes and quads followed by through the tunnels and arm circles.

The workout was intended to be 3 rounds but we realized pretty early on that wasn’t going to happen and did 2 rounds instead.


25 weighted squats

50 weighted alternating lunges

10 jump squats

25 calf raises


15 push ups

20 tricep dips with weight

50 arm circles with weight (25 forward and 25 backward circles)


25 overhead straight legged sit-ups

25 ab halos

25 dumbbell windmills

50 bicycle crunches


15 burpees

30 second high knees (we just counted to 60)

10 wall balls (wall balls used were 8#, 14# and a 10# slam ball)

50 mountain climbers


We crashed on our mats at the end completely wipes, took prayer requests, prayed and snapped a quick pic before heading out to start our day.


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