06/21/2021 - rock - Getting those gains!

AO: The Rock

When: 06/21/2021

QIC: TexMex


Number of Pax: 8

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Love, Pinterest, Journal, Rockstar, Blank Canvas, Sunshine, TrailMix


We were looked upon with favor today and the storms that came through at workout time, parted and the worst of it went around us.

So we got to it!


The thang:

Start with a Tabata of 1 min each exercise

Weighted toe taps

Plank reach through (switch sides half way through)

Skull crushers

Plank jacks



Move into counting exercises:

10 weighted squats

5 inchworm to push-up

10 bicep curls

Repeat X 3


10 lunge to kickback (sets)

10 push-up knee in (sets)

10 tricep kickbacks

Repeat X3


Repeat Tabata


Next counted exercises:

10 squat jumps

5 inchworm to push-up

10 shoulder press

Repeat X3


10 single DB row (sets)

5 deadlifts

10 v-ups

Repeat X3


Repeat Tabata

We finished right in time

What doesn’t challenge us, doesn’t make us stronger and these ladies all challenge me to be better!

 We prayed and name-o-rama!!!


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