07/19/2021 - arena - Girls just want to have fun

AO: The Arena

When: 07/19/2021

QIC: Hairspray


Number of Pax: 17

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Seinfield, rook 2.0, cinco, graphics 2.0, Dunder, paperback, hallelujah, Mission, pilgrim, switch back, Button, step up, maestro, neutral, sunny, cocoa


17 PAX showed up today! With fear Olympics underway I had a few things up my sleeve but the rain put a damper on that so we had to improvise. I decided since I put all this work into trying to make a fun event day that I would just let us all have some fun and not worry about getting an intense work out. But don’t worry it was still working out to be done.

first we warmed up with some arm circles and some through the tunnels as we waited for a few late arrivers to get situated.

we started out our day with a fear Olympics national event the timed plank. Congratulations to pilgrim for holding out for six minutes and 60 seconds! While we waited for her to finish we did 15 of each bicep curls, tricep extensions, overhead press, around the worlds, lateral raises. Repeat if necessary.

For our second event we did the airplane challenge.  it wasn’t raining too hard so I brought paper for everybody to make their own paper airplane. we went to the top of the tiered stands and threw the airplanes down. Then you would go to where your airplane landed, do five squats and throw again. Repeat. we were going to stop at the bottom of the tiers but everyone kept going towards the stage so we just kept going until our planes got too wet and we had to lunge walk back to the stage.

The other event I was going to do is going to be an obstacle course, however because of the rain, we decided to just improvise. Originally I had intended for these mini events to be part of the obstacle course but instead of having everybody run around and worry about them falling we just did the little mini events.  One was a 20 pound bag race where are you took a 20 pound bag, placed it on your shoulders and weaved between cones and went back to the start we let them divide into teams and carefully race. Only one person slipped on the grass. Mission is a tough girl! The other event was called flyswatter balls. We took a flyswatter and practice golf balls each team had to hit the balls down the grass and around the cone and back to start. The last thing we did was we all stood in a circle and we passed a 10 pound weighted medicine ball. Each time we went around the circle we took one step back making the circle larger. It did get a little harder to do since it was slightly raining the ball got wet.

I hope you ladies had fun but be prepared because my next Q is going to be really hard. Ha ha ha


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